Aloha, from Hawaii! - Harbor School

Aloha, from Hawaii!

Today the Girl Scout Troop from St. Dominic School  sponsored a Hawaiian Carnival for all our students.  This is the second time this troop has been here (see our previous post “Girls Scouts Come to Harbor”) and we were all looking forward to what activities they would have for us this time.  With the help of our APE teacher, Miss Jen, the scouts transformed our gym into a Tropical Hawaiian Getaway! 

Each class began at a different station and rotated after 8 minutes.

The stations were:

  1. Trip to Hawaii Intro:  Get your ticket for your trip to Hawaii!  Write your name on a ticket, learn facts about Hawaii, see a map of the islands, and take a plane ride (sit on a scooter with airplane wings that say “Hawaiian Airlines”)
  2. Sensory Box:  Put your hand in a big bin of sand and find a hidden shell and paint it!
  3. Photo Booth:  Decorate a postcard from Hawaii after getting your picture taken near a palm tree.  Once the pictures are printed next week, the students will bring home this craft.
  4. Fruit Kabob: Let’s make a fruit kabob with watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple and strawberries.  While you eat your kabob you can watch how a volcano works.
  5. Volcano Scooter: Sitting on your bottom or laying on your stomach, maneuver your way through the erupting volcanoes.
  6. Coconut Bowling:  Use coconuts (bowling balls) to knock down palm trees (pins).
  7. Beanbag Toss:  Toss the beanbag into the pineapple for 1 pt., fish for 2 pts. and the shark for 3!
  8. Fire Stick Relay:  2 teams, first person of each line will take their fire stick, run down to the cone and back, handing the fire stick to the next person.
  9. Limbo:  How low can you go?

Each student also received a t-shirt that says “Harbor School Carnival 2017”  with the anchor and pizza for lunch thanks to our PTA.  The day was capped off with a dance party in the gym.

Thank you to the Girl Scouts (and scout parents) for all of their hard work in putting together a fun day for our students.  We look forward to continuing this special relationship!

Thank you to our wonderful PTA for the t-shirts and pizza.

To see the rest of the pictures, please visit our Facebook  page.




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Susan Rodriguez - November 22, 2017

Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pictures! She is such a cutey!

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