Transition and Job Sampling | School to Work Transitioning Programs

School-to-Work Transition Programs

School to Work Transitioning Program

Harbor School provides mandated and essential “school-to-work” transition services for our 14 to 21 year old students through the support of a dedicated Structured Learning Experience Coordinator.
  • Functional Academic Skills and Appropriate Social Skills
  • Career Possibilities and Activities of Daily Living
  • Resume Writing and The Job Application Process

Our program provides the student with the experience of working at a job within the school setting. Each student is provided with on-the-job training. The student’s time at work is recorded and his or her job performance is evaluated. This work experience helps the students to develop the work and social skills that are necessary prior to their placement at a job site in the local community.

The students gain school-based work experience in the following areas:

  • Maintenance Services
  • Office and Clerical Work
  • Delivery Services
  • Inventory of Supplies

  • Development of Small Businesses
  • Food Services
  • Cashier Skills
  • Sales Associate

Students are given the opportunity to work at a local participating business that has agreed to partner with us. Our staff works closely with the personnel of each business prior to and during the job placement. An Employment Specialist from our staff accompanies each student to the job site to assist them in performing their required tasks. They also ensure appropriate interaction with co-workers and a supervisor.

The students gain community-based work experience at the following types of work sites (Due to COVID-19, this portion of this program is currently on hold):

  • Offices
  • Retail Stores
  • Chain Stores
  • Restaurants

  • Libraries
  • Plant Nursery
  • We will also seek out individual job opportunities based on student interest

The school staff is committed to assisting students in acquiring the skills that will enable them to live independently, be actively involved in their communities and be able to find employment and the appropriate supports.


ptclogo120pxFor those students who are not able to gain employment upon graduating, the Prime Time Center offers an approved day program for adults aged 21 and older. Graduating students and their families are connected with an onsite parent advocate to assist with the transition process to the adult service delivery model.