Our Academic Programs at Harbor School Eatontown nj

Academic Programs at Harbor School

Our extensive range of academic programs in addition to the utilization of up-to-date educational protocols and tools, our goal is to foster the best potential of your child.

The school academic program covers all of the following subject areas:

literacy program at harbor
Literacy and Reading

Harbor School offers an individualized approach to literacy and reading. Literacy is engrained in the curriculum, from reading functional life skills words. Harbor School offers a wide variety of reading materials that are individualized to fit the students’ needs while maintaining the integrity of the New Jersey State Learning Standards.

world language arts being taught at the harbor school
Language Arts

The language arts curriculum is catered to the needs of the students at Harbor School and no two curricula look the same. All of our special needs students are exposed to a wide variety of language arts materials including grammar and spelling, but we maintain the functionality component of writing to suit individual student needs, and are aligned to the Common Core Standards.


Harbor School encourages students to write and participate in the modality that is most appropriate for their individual needs. From writing on an iPad using symbols and pictures to the Handwriting Without Tears program, students are encouraged to reach their full potential while maintaining an understanding of their abilities.


From 1:1 correspondence to functional life skills math, Harbor School is able to meet the needs of all students in the area of mathematics. Students work on number recognition, coin counting and money values, area of shapes and beyond. We create individualized programs based on the needs of our students, while following the New Jersey State Learning Standards.

harbor school student learning social studies
Social Studies

The Social Studies program at Harbor School covers topics from American History to functional life skills in the community. Our students are exposed to a wide variety of topics, but we maintain the students’ individual needs at the forefront of our instruction. Our main goal is to foster independence for their future, and this may be done through a community helpers lesson or a lesson on how to vote for the next President. Our social studies curricula encourages students to get out into the community and put what they learn within the school building into practical applications.

World Language

Harbor School teaches a wide variety of students, and each individual student’s culture is respected by all Harbor School staff. When addressing students’ individual cultures and expressive needs, we have implemented a whole school approach of using Core words, and addressed individual needs through the use of an iPad, verbal speech or even, American Sign Language.

science learning at harbor

The students at Harbor School are exposed to a wide variety of science topics in accordance with the Next Generation Science Standards. Students cover topics including the Solar System, the human impact on the Earth, biodiversity in the world, chemistry and other topics. Science is approached in the multimodal approach, encouraging students to use hands on discovery and experimentation to get the most out of their science learning experience.

special needs high school student learning computer skills at the harbor school

As computers become more and more a part of our everyday lives, they become a more crucial piece for all of our students at Harbor School. Our “computer” implementation includes the use of tablets, iPads and communication devices that allow our students to interact with their peers, family and staff in and out of the Harbor School. We utilize a wide variety of computer based learning including Vizzle, Discrete Trial Trainer, BrainPop, Learn360, Enchanted Learning, Unique Learning Systems, IXL.com and other programs that offer students another avenue to meet their individual learning needs.

playing hygiene bingo in health class

Our Health program is developed in conjunction with our adaptive physical education program.  The health program focuses on self-care skills, good hygiene practices, healthy eating, self-advocacy and how to acquire appropriate medical assistance, if needed.  The health curriculum is developed based on the age group and level of the various classrooms at Harbor school, as well as the individual needs within each classroom.

Harbor School STEM Lab

STEM instruction focuses on hands on, project-based learning in science, technology, engineering, and math. Throughout the curriculum, students are given a problem and tasked with finding various ways to solve it. Students work independently and in a small group on building models; coding; media recording; and photo, audio and video editing.

Certified teachers assisted by trained paraprofessionals provide individualized and small group instruction in a small class setting. A multi-sensory approach is used with individualized and modified techniques. A wide variety of materials are used to help each child to reach his or her full academic potential.

Some of the standard educational programs, as well as state-of-the-art-programs, that are used: