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Peek into Dancing and Singing with Sheldon

Hi all!!! I’m back with a special treat!   I recorded some of my friends singing and dancing with me today!   Mrs. DePalo’s and Mrs. Redmond’s classes came to visit and have fun with me this morning.  I loved the way they were all participating and thought I shouldn’t be the only one seeing […]

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Back from Vacation!

Hello All! It’s me, Sheldon, and I’M BACK!!!   I have been away for a while touring the world for some new inspiration to share with the students at Harbor School.   I’m happy to say I am back and so excited to be learning, working and playing with the students again.      Every […]

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Mayor Visits Harbor School

It was a great honor for Harbor School to have the Mayor of Eatontown, Dennis J. Connelly, tour our school.  Mr. Dorgan, our Supervisor of Instruction, walked around with Mayor Connelly, popping in for a quick meet and greet in the classrooms with our teachers and students. Some of the students in Mrs. O’Sullivan’s class asked questions […]

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Sheldon Meets the Mayor!

Hi Everyone!!! It’s me ….Sheldon! I have some EXCITING NEWS.  I got to meet the EATONTOWN MAYOR, DENNIS J. CONNELLY! Not only did I meet him, but I performed for him with Mrs. Steelman’s Class.  He only stayed for a little bit because he had to visit the other classes, but it was exhilarating! (Check […]

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