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  I made a house of gingerbread It was so sugary and sweet It took me all day long to make. But, it lasted just a week! Monday I ate the ceiling, Tuesday I ate the door, Wednesday I ate the windows, Friday I ate all 4 walls! Saturday I ate the lawn, Sunday I […]

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Gingerbread House Winners!

As we told you about in our last blog – Do You Want to Build a Gingerbread House – some of our classes made gingerbread houses for the Gingerbread Ball to be auctioned off for the Fisher House Foundation.  These houses were also judged and here are the winners from Harbor School. S C R […]

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Do You Want to Build a Gingerbread House!

  Every year, around the holidays especially, we try to instill in our students the gift of giving back.  Whether it is collecting food for the food bank, writing cards to soldiers or volunteering at different establishments, we want our students to feel how incredible it is to give back. Once again, this year, some […]

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