Monmouth University Basketball Game | Harbor School Field Trip

Monmouth University Basketball Game

Some of our students had the privilege of going to Monmouth University and watching the Women’s Basketball team play against Quinnipiac University yesterday.  Monmouth University hosts an Annual Kids Day which is attended by more than 1,000  elementary/middle school students around Monmouth County.   The aim of the annual event is to raise awareness of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating and exercise.

The gym floor was filled with different exercises set up for the students to take part in.  Students divided into groups to do planks, sit-ups, jumping jacks and running, among others.  After exercising and getting their hearts pumping the students took their seats and the teams took the floor.  Unfortunately, the Monmouth Hawks lost, but the students had a wonderful time. 

Miss Edna even caught a t-shirt for Natalie! 


It was a winner of a day for the students and all those involved.


      Monmouth University Basketball Game