Getting to Know Our Staff featuring…..Mrs. Latham | Harbor School

Getting to Know Our Staff featuring…..Mrs. Latham

Once again, Christa, Emily and Shiv, three of our High School students, with the help from Miss Teri, their speech therapist, interviewed our Music Therapist/Teacher Mrs. Latham, aka Miss Amanda.

Getting to Know Our Staff featuring…..Mrs. Latham


Shiv:  How long have you worked at Harbor School?
Mrs. Latham:  I was a 1:1 assistant for 5 years and a music teacher for 4 years.  I also volunteered  whey my brother, A.J., went to school here.

Emily:  Where did you grow up?
Mrs. Latham:  I grew up in Union Beach, NJ.  But I was born in Arizona and lived in Alaska as well.

Christa: Do you have a pet?
Mrs. Latham:  I have a dog named Luna.  She is 4 years old and  a Golden Retriever.

Emily:  Do you have any hobbies?
Mrs. Latham: I enjoy crocheting.  I make blankets and hats.

Shiv: What’s your favorite color?
Mrs. Latham:  Red and blue.

Christa:  What do you like to watch on television?
Mrs. Latham: Walking Dead, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory and This is us.


THANK YOU  Mrs. Latham  for letting us get to know you better!  

***Don’t forget to stay up to date with Mrs. Latham’s school music webpage!***

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Susan Ridrigurz - January 30, 2018

She is awesome!! And puts in a great show!! Thanks Ms Amanda!

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