Getting to Know Our Staff featuring..............Mrs. Steelman - Harbor School

Getting to Know Our Staff featuring…………..Mrs. Steelman

Once again, Christa, Emily and Shiv, three of our High School students, with the help from Miss Teri, their speech therapist, interviewed Mrs. Steelman, one of our elementary teachers and BIG Eagles fan!



Shiv:  What pets do you have?
Mrs. Steelman:  I have 1 dog, Jack and 4 cats and 2 kittens.  Their names are Callie, Viv, Henry, Lucy, Gilbert and Willow.


Emily:  How long have you worked at Harbor School?  Where did you work before?
Mrs. Steelman:  I’ve worked at Harbor since 2001, 17 years.  Before Harbor, I worked at Ladacin.


Christa: What do you like to watch on TV?
Mrs. Steelman:  I like to watch Criminal Minds, Football and Baseball.



Emily:  What’s your favorite team and sport?
Mrs. Steelman: My favorite football team is the 2017 Super Bowl Champions Philadelphia Eagles!  I also like the Ohio Buckeyes (college).



Shiv: Who’s in your family?
Mrs. Steelman:  My husband, Fred.  I have 2 daughters, Katie and Julie.


Christa:  What’s your favorite color?
Mrs. Steelman: Burgundy


Emily:  What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Mrs. Steelman: I like to read, play Bingo on my iPad and go to the beach in the summer.



THANK YOU  Mrs. Steelman  for letting us get to know you better!  

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Shannon - March 6, 2018

Great interview and we Love Mrs. Steelman!!!

Cameron’s family :0)

Sergio - March 11, 2018

Nice interview Mrs Steelman, good just to know you lil more ??????

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