Floor Hockey Intramurals 2018 - Harbor School

Floor Hockey Intramurals 2018


Today Harbor School joined Alpha and Gateway (our sister schools) for Floor Hockey at the Tab Ramos Sports Center.


It was a day filled with fun, laughs and some really great athleticism by our wonderful students.


Varsity players played on the big floor hockey rink in the front room.  All three schools played together, mixing players from each, instead of school against school.  In the backroom on the soccer “field” the Jr. Varsity played with a small ball and hockey sticks.  Each student was so enthusiastic while running to the ball to score a goal.

Each schools’ students did an amazing job and showed great sportsmanship and camaraderie.  These intramurals and get-togethers between schools are such an important aspect in our students lives.  It’s so nice to see them all work together and enjoy meeting students from different schools.

Below are some of the pictures from the day.  For more pictures, visit our Facebook page under the album “Floor Hockey Intramurals 2018”.


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