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Harbor School PTA Needs YOUR Help!



Dear Harbor School Families:

As the school year comes to a close we find ourselves in need of adding to our PTA Board as well as more volunteers for PTA.  Our President AND Secretary are leaving and we need to find replacements SOON!

PTA PRESIDENT:  You need to attend PTA meetings, Oversee the Annual Programs/Fundraisers for the school year as well as update the paperwork to keep our IRS Tax ID current.

PTA SECRETARY:  The job of Secretary does not demand too much of your time.  You need to attend our monthly meeting (day & time flexible).  PTA Secretary takes notes during the meeting and then types up a formal “Summary Notes from PTA” for distribution.  Produce HARBOR HIGHLIGHTS which is done about 4 times a year informing Harbor Families about PTA plans for the year as well as give updates on the programs/fundraisers we provide for our students.

ANYONE who is interested in taking these necessary jobs PLEASE reach out to Darlene Davis.

PTA VOLUNTEERS:  As always, the PTA needs more volunteers to help keep this necessary organization running.  The work of the PTA allows our students opportunities to enhance their learning experience outside the classroom.  PTA provides school buses for field trips to swimming, bowling, soccer, etc., the annual show at St. Dominic’s, the Thanksgiving Feast, a field day picnic, a teacher appreciation luncheon and other miscellaneous activities that go on during the school year.  PTA is a necessary component for the students at Harbor School but it can only work with volunteers.  If interested, please contact Darlene Davis at Harbor School.