Behavioral Schools NJ | Tips for end of school year

Behavioral Schools in NJ: Tips for Ending the School Year

While students and parents of children with behavioral issues stress over starting a new school year, ending the previous school year properly can make for a better beginning next year. Here are some tips from the experts in one of the best special needs schools in New Jersey, offering support in behaviorally challenged students.

So, what does it take to end a school year properly for a special needs child?

Review Your Child's Individualized Education Program

  • If your child attended public school, at the end of the school year, sit down with your child's teacher to discuss their progress. With your special needs child, it's not solely about what your child learned and his or her strengths and weaknesses in terms of math and English. 
  • You'll receive feedback about your child's behaviors rather than just what he or she learned, so be prepared to discuss meltdowns as well as deficits related to responsibility and defiance.
  • Compare the staff's end-of-the-year progress with your student's IEP. Determine if you felt the school carried out their responsibility implementing your child's IEP. Evaluate the relevance of your student's IEP because it changes as your child develops.
  • If your child attended a behavioral school, like the Harbor school, the end of year evaluation may look a little different. You will meet with more than one or two teachers who worked with your child. The evaluation process at Harbor actually happens on ongoing basis throughout the year, where you will receive more frequent reports and notifications on how the individualized education program for your child is working, whether adjustments have been made and what areas need to be further developed.

The school year is an ideal time to talk to your child about his or her goals, if possible. By knowing what your child wants to learn or is struggling with, you can help an instructor create a plan with your child in mind.

Thank the Staff for All They've Done

Teaching in general is hard, and it's even more difficult for teachers in behavioral schools. End this year right by thanking the staff for all they've done for you and your child.

It's important to show your child the significance of showing gratitude, and it's also important to let the staff know you appreciate their time and commitment to your child.

Start Preparing for Next Year

  • It's never too early to start preparing for next year. If you're switching from public school to one of our behavioral schools in NJ, schedule a meeting and tour to get your child acclimated. 
  • Start socializing your child in small groups and work your way up to larger ones over the summer. If the school has any special events going on, make sure you and your child attend. Additionally, if the previous school noted any negative behaviors, work on those over the summer. 
  • Monitoring your child's progress is important for all parents, but for parents of special needs children, it's even more important. 

At the end of the year, you evaluate your child's progress and determine if your child's education plan worked and where deficits were - in order to craft a better plan for next year. 

About the Harbor School

As a parent, looking for the best behavioral school in NJ to help your child grow educationally and emotionally, that often leaves you with a lot of questions. The Harbor School is an educational institution for multiply disabled children with a strength in managing and providing a program for behaviorally challenged students. Our dedicated and caring staff is here to help answer any questions.

The Harbor School is truly a safe haven which embraces all those who enter in a spirit of mutual respect, collaboration and advocacy toward hope and possibility for a lifetime.

Located in Eatontown, New Jersey, Harbor School is one of the best schools for students with behavioral challenges. Contact us at our main office at 732.544.9394 with any questions or schedule a private tour of the Harbor School today.