Harbor at the ATT Fair - Harbor School

Harbor at the ATT Fair



For the past four years, Harbor School has been invited to “put on” a craft fair at the AT&T Offices.  Every year, select students are chosen to attend this event and sell crafts, soaps, engraved napkins, decorative cards and gift bags, jewelry and more.


This is a great opportunity for our students to practice money skills, social skills and getting out in the community to work.


Throughout the year, different classes, therapy sessions and during transition, students make decorative cards and matching gift bags for all celebrations (using stamps and colored ink), scented soaps, engraved napkins, with the engraving machine, for any holidays/occasions,  jewelry, bath bombs and more.  These items are sold at our shows and for guest visits to the school.  Certain items, such as the cards, gift bags and napkins can be made to order.  Just contact the office


Every May, some of our students and staff go to the AT&T Offices and set up “shop” to sell their items.  The employers in the buildings peruse through, talking to our students and buy items.


Thank you AT&T for having us again.



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