Graduate Spotlight featuring……Connor and Family - Harbor School

Graduate Spotlight featuring……Connor and Family

For the last month of school, we will be spotlighting a graduate and their families.  Each graduate was given a questionnaire to fill out with their parents about their time at Harbor School.


Question to Parent & Graduate:  How long have you and your child been at Harbor School?

Answer: Connor began at Harbor School in July of 2001.


Question to Parent:  Why did you choose Harbor School for your child?

Answer:  Our family chose Harbor School because it offered our son a complete education that would also give him the crucial and necessary therapies that he desperately needed.


“The staff, aides and amazing teachers have shown Connor appropriate behavior, self awareness, social skills and a love of learning which are incredibly important to us as a family”


Question to Both:  Write some thoughts about our therapy department and how they have helped you/r child.

Answer: Connor has been exposed to dedicated therapists in both speech and occupational therapy.

“Both departments are creative in their process and really found what motivates my child to allow him to grow and develop.”


The educational program has given Connor the skills to increase his speech and tolerate many new and different things from foods to clothing.


Question to Both:  Write some thoughts about your experiences with the administration, staff, teachers, etc.  Any personal stories would be appreciated.

Answer:  Our experiences at Harbor School have been remarkable.  We came here as an extremely concerned and anxious family and found a complete complement of outstanding professionals.  The teachers are disciplined with their students but always kind and loving in their approach.  The staff and administration has always been available to us as parents whenever there was a concern from us about our son.


Question to Both:  What have been some of your favorite things at Harbor School?

Answer:  The Holiday and Spring Shows are a great opportunity for families to meet one another and share experiences and tips.  The swimming trip to the Ocean Township Pool is one of Connor’s favorites!


“I love “Student of the Month.”  What a great way to motivate students and give them goals.”


Question to Graduate:  Where are you going after graduating Harbor School?

Answer:  Connor will be attending Prime Time in Eatontown and Brick.


Question to Parents: How has Harbor School, specifically the transition program, prepared your child for ‘Life after Harbor?’

Answer: Connor has been exposed to various job programs to see what and where he might be able to work after graduation.  Pat Sterling and Miss Kim have worked very hard to prepare Connor for “life after Harbor” and we will see where it takes him.


Question for Both:  What will you miss most about Harbor School?



“Harbor School has been an amazing educational program that fostered Connor’s ability to become who he is.”


The school has taught him how to navigate his Autism and be accepted among his peers.  Not many schools or programs offer this.  We have appreciated the work that has gone into Connor’s education.



Question to Parent: Why should a parent with special needs children choose Harbor School?

Answer: My experience has been very rewarding.  As a parent I have felt my concerns regarding my child were addressed and that we were able to work together as a group (teacher/parent).  This positive working relationship has shown Connor that we were all in his corner and working toward a common goal.


Extra stories, anecdotes, memories, etc.

One day Connor said, “Mommy’s name is Mary.”  I was so impressed thinking Connor had put together the idea that I was not just his mother.  Turns out, Connor was acting up in school and the teacher had my name on her cell phone and she was “threatening” to call me.  Once I knew the back story, we all had a good laugh!