Graduate Spotlight featuring……Alyssa and Family - Harbor School

Graduate Spotlight featuring……Alyssa and Family

For the last month of school, we will be spotlighting a graduate and their families.  Each graduate was given a questionnaire to fill out with their parents about their time at Harbor School.


Question to Parent & Graduate:  How long have you and your child been at Harbor School?

Answer:  Alyssa started Harbor School two and a half years ago.


Question to Parent:  Why did you choose Harbor School for your child?

Answer:  I knew Harbor School was the right fit as soon I walked in.


“The staff and students were so welcoming and kind.  They had wonderful programs for academics, extracurricular activities, trips and more.  We love it!”



Question to Both:  Write some thoughts about our therapy department and how they have helped you/r child.

Answer: All of the therapists were very supportive and they gave Alyssa valuable life skills that she will carry with her throughout life.  She has developed a love of yoga and still uses deep breathing to calm herself when feeling anxious.


Question to Both:  Write some thoughts about your experiences with the administration, staff, teachers, etc.  Any personal stories would be appreciated.

Answer:  Everyone was always so kind, helpful and friendly.  Ms. Patty always made school fun and safe for Alyssa.  She never wanted to miss a day.



Question to Both:  What have been some of your favorite things at Harbor School?

Answer:  Alyssa’s absolute favorite event was prom.  It made her feel so special to dress up every year and go to an event where she can dance the day away.  She loves to dance!



Question to Graduate:  Where are you going after graduating Harbor School?

Answer:  Primetime in Brick and also looking into other options.



Question to Parents: How has Harbor School, specifically the transition program, prepared your child for ‘Life after Harbor?’

Answer:  Mrs. Gunteski, Mr. Dorgan and Mrs. Sterling have guided me through the progress and always available for any questions I might have.



Question for Both:  What will you miss most about Harbor School?

Answer:  The people.  Alyssa has friends and memories she will take with her forever.



“I will also miss the support network and knowing I always had people on my team who loved Alyssa.”



Question to Parent: Why should a parent with special needs children choose Harbor School? 

Answer:  Harbor School changed Alyssa’s  life.  It is the place where Alyssa developed confidence and a place where she made lifelong memories and friends.


“Harbor School truly cares about the whole child and has supported me in raising Alyssa into the amazing person she is today.”


Extra stories, anecdotes, memories, etc.

Thank you for truly making these past few years transform Alyssa.  We can never truly express our appreciation.