Harbor School's 2018 Staff Member of the Year - Harbor School

Harbor School’s 2018 Staff Member of the Year

Ms. Shevi  began her career at the Harbor School in December 2002 as a substitute paraprofessional and was subsequently offered a 1: 1 paraprofessional position and continued in this position until 2015. In September of 2015, Shevi was offered a technology assistant position due to her expertise in this area and has continued in this position to date. Shevi’s educational background includes an Associate in Science degree in Public and Social Services with a concentration in Child Development from Thomas Edison College which she received in May 2010.

During the course of time that Shevi has been employed at the Harbor School, she has shown herself to be a competent and reliable staff member who always takes initiative to take on any tasks that need to get done. In her early work here as a 1:1 para with assigned students she showed good ability to support the needs of the most physically and medically challenged students. She worked collaboratively with all related services and nursing staff to implement protocols and procedures for these students.

     Her positive attitude toward her work helped to shape and expand her role here as her expertise in the technology field blossomed.

Shevi initially started her technology position in working with the speech department to customize programs on individual devices for students. Her attention to detail and quick ability to learn expanded her role to include aiding the speech department in creating communication books and boards by printing out, laminating and adding Velcro backing for pictures.

Shevi’s support of technology at Harbor expanded quickly beyond the speech department to include installing apps for the classroom iPad, reviewing and recommending software programs for each classroom, as well as providing training sessions for staff on computer basics. Harbor’s innovative use of technology has been further promoted by Shevi as she took on creating individual classroom/department web pages that are updated on a monthly basis.

She also implemented the use of a GO PRO camera to highlight a “Day in the Life” theme for individual students to share their school experiences with others. Shevi does extensive work on our school website to highlight our many technology programs and activities as well as implementing a “blog” for parents/visitors to our website.

In 2014, Harbor welcomed Sheldon, an interactive humanoid robot who has provided another outlet for our students for self-expression, communication and socialization. Shevi worked extensively to acquaint herself with the somewhat complicated programming requirements presented by the robot and has been working with individual classes to provide activities with Sheldon and our students.

Once a month, Shevi displays her creativity by sponsoring a raffle to benefit our school yearbook. She also is seen quite often with her camera in hand as she takes and posts pictures for our website and the school yearbook. Shevi can also be seen out on bus duty with a clipboard in hand assisting to track the arrival and dismissal of our busses.

We are proud to nominate Ms. Shevi , as our Harbor School staff member of the year to acknowledge her outstanding effort and overall dedication and commitment to the Harbor School community.

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Mary Ferguson - June 15, 2018

CONGRATULATIONS SHEVI!!…..I have enjoyed viewing your work with the students and staff at Harbor School. Your help with the PTA (Facebook Posts, School reminders, etc.) is truly appreciated and you have been a great asset for everyone associated with the school. This is a well-deserved recognition. Congratulations to you!!

Anonymous - June 16, 2018

Congrats Shevi!! So well deserved….
You KNOW I couldn’t do my job without you and you have taken it soooooo much further! You are the best! Thank you!!!

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