Graduate Spotlight featuring……Jesse and Family - Harbor School

Graduate Spotlight featuring……Jesse and Family

For the last month of school, we will be spotlighting a graduate and their families.  Each graduate was given a questionnaire to fill out with their parents about their time at Harbor School.




Question to Parent & Graduate:  How long have you and your child been at Harbor School?

Answer: More than 14 years.  A long time! 





Question to Parent & Graduate:  Why did you choose Harbor School for your child?

Answer:  The staff is gracious and kind.  The students are amazing, they teach YOU life lessons without knowing they are doing it.


“Harbor is one of the best special schools in New Jersey.”


Question to Both:  Write some thoughts about our therapy department and how they have helped you/r child.

Answer:  Jesse has confidence to try new things because the therapy department makes him do things no one thought he could do.



Question to Both:  Write some thoughts about your experiences with the administration, staff, teachers, etc.  Any personal stories would be appreciated.

Answer:  Mrs. DePalo is special to us because she loves our son.  There’s nothing like sending your child to school into the loving arms of someone you trust.  The same can be said about the staff.


Question to Both:  What have been some of your favorite things at Harbor School?

Answer: The Christmas Show where we learned Jesse was John Legend!  I love the prom also.  Everyone deserves a prom.



Question to Graduate:  Where are you going after graduating Harbor School?

Answer:  Jesse will be going to a day program called Minding Miracles.



Question to Parents: How has Harbor School, specifically the transition program, prepared your child for ‘Life after Harbor?’

Answer:  With all the programs  New Jersey has to offer Jesse.



Question for Both:  What will you miss most about Harbor School?

Answer: Mrs. DePalo!  The staff and the other students.



Question to Parent: Why should a parent with special needs children choose Harbor School?

Answer:    They understand their quirks and work with them and you.



“With Harbor School parents get stress free education because everyone there cares about your child.”



Extra stories, anecdotes, memories, etc.

The intramural activities with Alpha and others are great for socialization.  Jesse drags us to the park every year after the big baseball game!  He wants us to recreate the day then McDonald’s.