Getting to Know Our Staff featuring…………..Miss Santhe! - Harbor School

Getting to Know Our Staff featuring…………..Miss Santhe!

Once again,  Emily and Shiv, two of our High School students, with the help from Miss Teri, their speech therapist, interviewed Miss Santhe, a 1:1 and our dance teacher.


Emily:  When did you start dancing?
Miss Santhe:  I started dancing when I was just 3 years old.


Emily: What inspired you to become a dance teacher?
Miss Santhe:  When I was younger, I went to New York to learn to dance and I wanted to be like those teachers who taught me to dance.


Shiv: Do you have any pets?
MissSanthe:  Not now, but I have had cats in the past.



Emily:   What do you enjoy in your free time?
Miss Santhe:  I like to listen to all kinds of music especially classical (Mozart, Beethoven).  I also like to watch t.v. shows.


Shiv: Do you like to travel?  Where have you been?
Miss Santhe:  Yes I do like to travel.  I’ve been to Arizona.



Shiv:  How long have you been at Harbor School?
Miss Santhe: For 14 years.



Emily:  Where have you worked before Harbor?
Miss Santhe:  I owned a ballet and dance school in Brick, NJ for 25 years.



Shiv:  What is your favorite food?
Miss Santhe:  I love bananas!


THANK YOU  Miss Santhe  for letting us get to know you better!  

***Don’t forget to stay up to date with Miss Santhe’s school dance webpage!***