Getting to Know Our Staff featuring…………..Ms. Fran! - Harbor School

Getting to Know Our Staff featuring…………..Ms. Fran!

Once again,  Emily, Xaiver and Shiv, three of our High School students, with the help from Miss Teri, their speech therapist, interviewed Ms. Fran, a 1:1 and one of our job coaches.


Xaiver:  What do you like to do in your free time?
Ms. Fran:  I like to try new recipes, walk on the beach and go to the gym.


Emily: Do you have any pets?
Ms. Fran:  No pets.



Shiv: Do you like to travel? Where have you lived?
Ms. Fran:  I do like to travel.  I’ve lived in Korea, Alabama, Maryland, Georgia, New York and Hawaii.


Emily:   Where did you go to school?
Ms. Fran:  I went to Montclair State College.


Xaiver: Where else have you worked?
Ms. Fran:  I worked at my kids’ schools.  I was also a tour guide at West Point.



Emily: Do you have children?
Ms. Fran:  I have a son, Eddie and a daughter, Lilly.


Xaiver:  What’s your favorite thing about working Harbor School? How many years have you worked here?
Ms. Fran:  Kids and staff.  I am going on my 19th year.




Shiv:  What is your favorite food?
Ms. Fran:  I like Mexican food and trying new recipes.



THANK YOU  Ms. Fran  for letting us get to know you better!