Gingerbread Houses to Benefit Military Families and Veterans - Harbor School

Gingerbread Houses to Benefit Military Families and Veterans



Cookie walls?  Check!
Chocolates?  Check!
Candy?        Check!
Icing?        Check!
  Smiles?       Check!     
Students?   Check! 


It’s that time of year again at Harbor School!  Time for the  Annual Gingerbread Ball  & Gingerbread House Competition to benefit Fischer House!



The Gingerbread Ball is an annual benefit for the Fisher House Foundation which is a  “501(c)3 not for profit organization, serving military, veterans and their families, providing a home away from home while receiving medical care at major military and VA Medical Centers of Excellence.”   The houses are judged and auctioned off at the ball to raise money for the military and veterans.  Harbor School has competed in the student portion for a few years.


This is a fun seasonal activity for the students as each works on fine motor skills, turn taking, team working and creativity and imagination.  The students enjoy this as a welcome to the winter season!


This year the classes competing are Ms. Gepp, Mrs.Davis, Ms. Byrnes/Mrs. Congo, Mrs. Jecas, Mrs. D’Agostino’s and Ms. Marvulli’s.  Each class is provided with a gingerbread starter kit and can buy any candy decorations they want.  A week is spent on decorating their gingerbread houses to perfection.


To see the rest of the pictures, visit our Facebook page.

You can find out more about the Gingerbread Ball by clicking here

Also, make sure to check out the Fisher House Foundation site for more about what they do and how you can donate.

Check back next week to see which houses won.





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