PTA Gift Card Trees - Harbor School

PTA Gift Card Trees


The PTA will be creating gift card raffle trees to be raffled immediately after the Holiday Show.


Please send in gift cards for the “raffle tree” by Monday, December 10.  Please send your donations or gift cards in an envelope marked “Harbor School PTA Raffle”.  No dollar amount for the gift card is too small.


The PTA has grouped together to request gift cards for their theme.  The classes are as follows:


RESTAURANT:  Jecas (201), Steelman (202), Markel (307), Congo/Byrnes (305).
HOME IMPROVEMENT:  Davis (302), Greebel (303), D’Agsotino (306)
COFFEE HOUSES:  Gepp, (203), DePalo (308), Marvulli (301).


See attached flyer for examples of different stores and/or restaurants you can purchase the gift cards from.


Looking forward to seeing everyone at our wonderful Happy School Holiday Show.


Thank you to those who have already sent in cash or gift cards towards the raffle.


As always, thank you so much for your support!


Harbor School PTA