Getting to Know Our Staff featuring…………..Ms. Angela! - Harbor School

Getting to Know Our Staff featuring…………..Ms. Angela!



This edition of our “Getting to know our staff”  series has been done by Shiv and Xaiver and their speech therapist, Miss Teri!   Today they interviewed Ms. Angela (Marvulli), one of our teachers.




Xaiver:  What do you like about Harbor School?
Ms. Angela: I love all the students that come here and how friendly they are.



Shiv: Do you have any pets?
Ms. Angela:  I have a 10 year old Yellow Lab named Chester.  He loves to swim!



Xaiver: Where did you go to school?
Ms. AngelaMonmouth University.



Shiv:   What is your favorite food?
Ms. Angela:  My favorite food is sushi.



Xaiver: Where else have you worked?
Ms. Angela:  I started working as a 1:1 at Harbor School.  After that I worked at Gateway School (our sister school) for a year and then I came back to Harbor.



Xaiver: What do you do in your free time?
Ms. Angela:  I go to the gym, watch T.V. and spend time with my family and dog.



Shiv: Where have you traveled?
Ms. Angela:  I’ve visited many different islands and traveled through the United States.



**** Check out Ms. Angela’s classroom page here.

THANK YOU  Ms. Angela  for letting us get to know you better!