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The New Harbor School STEM Lab

In addition to the various technology devices incorporated into classrooms and therapy areas, The Harbor School is opening up a new STEM Lab installed with the coordination of Creative Learning Systems.

We will be one of the few private special education schools to have this resource, and we are very excited about the features and benefits for students that our new STEM Lab will provide.

What is a STEM Lab?

STEM Lab is a dedicated space where students explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) as well as media arts through applied technology and project-based learning. It will engage a broad range of students through differentiated, individualized learning relevant to the interests and abilities of each and every student. They will work on projects that motivate them to inquire, explain, tackle new problems, and celebrate their challenges and solutions. Everything from the furniture and technology to curriculum and instruction will work together to support hands-on, multi-sensory learning through technology.

We live in a world where STEM skills are an important part of life skills training. Technology plays a role in every job and every home. The integration of STEM disciplines is critical for all students. Working on projects in the STEM Lab will foster important skills such as:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Information literacy
  • Adaptability

How will students use the STEM Lab?

Students will use the STEM Lab once or twice a week for 30-minute periods of time. They will have access to iPads, digital cameras, computers, and construction kits for building and assembling various projects. There is a “photo booth” where students will use digital cameras to photograph a variety of objects, and iPads to shoot and create digital videos. There are three computer stations for students to work collaboratively with one another.

The STEM Lab also incorporates the construction kit, Makey Makey, an innovative invention toy that allows users to connect common household objects to computer programs. With Makey Makey, students will use playdough to create computer controllers and game buzzers that integrate with the computers. They will build electronic instruments out of everyday objects like cups of water, and use them to play music.

Whether students are exploring photography, video, computer circuitry, or music, they will be applying technology to projects of their own design, collaborating to solve problems and building skills, knowledge, and interest critical for future success.

As they work on their projects, they will build academic connections and develop important skills that will carry them into adulthood. We look forward to opening this new resource and seeing the exciting ways students will engage with it. We can’t wait to see them buzzing with energy and enthusiasm as they explore and innovate different ideas and products.

erik glazer principal harbor school

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Erik Glazner, 
Principal-Harbor School, Eatontown, NJ