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Debunking Myths About Learning Disabilities

Just as all students are different, all students also learn differently. However, for some students, these differences make it more difficult for them to achieve academic success in a school setting. They may have difficulty reading, writing, performing mathematical calculations, or other skills. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) defines a learning disability as […]

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The Role of Paraprofessionals

What a Paraprofessional does to help special needs students.As I’m sure you know, special education is quite a bit different from the standard classroom environment. Teachers use a wide variety of materials, including multi-sensory and hands-on learning activities to help each child to reach his or her full academic potential. And, importantly, students require more […]

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The Nurtured Heart Approach

What Is The Nurtured Heart Approach?According to the Children’s Success Foundation website, the Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) consists of a set of strategies that helps children of all ages in further developing their self-regulation. Anyone who cares for a child with challenging behaviors understands that traditional methods of discipline often fall short and may actually […]

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Con-GRAD-ulations Class of 2020

    Dear Class of 2020,  You’re graduating during a global pandemic, You are no stranger to adversity, You understand celebrations will have to wait. You were born to be resilient.   We are proud of you for showing DETERMINATION AND POSITIVITY during  one of the most difficult events in the generation.   Just know […]

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