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Eight Crucial Life Skills and How to Implement Them

Learning essential life skills requires the attention of well-trained and experienced special education educators, family, and support members. The list below summarizes what we feel are the crucial skill sets for an individual to work on to obtain a level of independence and life satisfaction that is within their reach. That is our mission. Let […]

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Autism Spectrum Schools: Meet Your Child’s Support Team

Finding the right special-education program for your child is all about the fit. While there’s many ways to teach children in autism spectrum schools, selecting the right methods and professionals for your child’s needs can help them thrive. Research shows that if we give the best available special education to children with severe disabilities, those children […]

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Methods Used in Speech Therapy for Special Needs Children

Methods Used in Speech Therapy for Special Needs ChildrenFinding the Right Fit for Special Needs Students who Require Academic and Behavioral SupportSpeech and language therapy for children with special needs encompasses a variety of methods, dependent upon each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. At Harbor School, we are dedicated to teaching students a way to functionally […]

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