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Building Social Skills in Students with Special Needs

Social skills are vital for all students, especially those with special needs. These skills are the building blocks for successful interactions, relationships, and overall well-being. At Harbor School, we recognize our students’ unique challenges and have developed a comprehensive social skills program tailored to their diverse needs/ We will explore how our program effectively nurtures […]

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Assistive Technology in Special Needs Therapy

As technology evolves in its use in special education, assistive technology has emerged as a game-changer, especially in therapeutic practices. Harbor School, at the forefront of innovative educational strategies, harnesses the power of modern tools to revolutionize therapy for students with special needs. Here, we discuss how Harbor School integrates assistive technology into therapy, transforming […]

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Social Skills and Extracurricular Activities: The Harbor School Advantage

Every child deserves a well-rounded education that prioritizes academic excellence and recognizes the importance of social interaction and extracurricular activities. At Harbor School, we understand that students with special needs have unique challenges and strengths. This understanding forms the foundation of our approach as we create tailored programs that focus on holistic development, emphasizing social […]

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Nurturing Mental Health: How Harbor School Supports Special Needs Students

Mental health is a topic of importance for all individuals, but it takes on a unique dimension when considering students with special needs. At Harbor School, we recognize the specific challenges these students may face regarding mental health and are committed to providing comprehensive support. This article discusses the mental health challenges of special needs […]

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Empowering Independence

At Harbor School, we are committed to nurturing the potential of our students. We believe that empowering independence is essential to help our students lead fulfilling lives and reach their fullest potential. We achieve this through comprehensive life skills training, equipping our students with the tools to navigate various aspects of daily life confidently. Here […]

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Parent-Teacher Collaboration: Empowering Students with Special Needs

At Harbor School, every student, regardless of their unique abilities, deserves the best possible education and support. As educators, we understand the significance of collaboration between parents and teachers in creating a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for students with special needs. Our commitment to empowering students extends beyond the classroom, and we recognize parents’ […]

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Building Autism Acceptance Means Building the Confidence of Students with Special Needs

According to the CDC, autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the world. While it has become more of a part of our society, as of 2019, a vast majority of adults with autism are unemployed or underemployed. How do we change that? Building autism acceptance. Building Autism Acceptance Year Round April is Autism Acceptance Month […]

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