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Harbor Benefits of Preschool for Special Needs Population

The Benefits of Special Needs PreschoolProviding opportunities for special needs students to attend preschool programs has demonstrated positive results for children, their families, and society. An analysis of data [GV1] by the Early Childhood Outcomes Center found over 75 percent of children who participate in special education preschool programs and services show “greater than expected […]

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For Parents: Stay Strong!

You are not alone during these challenging times.As a stepparent of a developmentally delayed son with autism, I don’t mind telling you I am struggling right now. The network of services we used to rely on to manage his care and education, from at-home ABA therapy to schooling to one blissful week of sleepaway summer […]

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The Nurtured Heart Approach

What Is The Nurtured Heart Approach?According to the Children’s Success Foundation website, the Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) consists of a set of strategies that helps children of all ages in further developing their self-regulation. Anyone who cares for a child with challenging behaviors understands that traditional methods of discipline often fall short and may actually […]

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